We're closet Jeep fanatics here at Motor1. We may not own any ourselves, but we love watching them, reading about them, writing about them, and even shopping for them. In fact, shopping for parts for one of our "dream builds" is how we came across this neat video from Quadratec.

Quadratec sells a wide range of accessories for Jeeps of all shapes and sizes. This video shows off some very cool magnetic "trail armor" from MEK designed to protect the finish of your Jeep when you're going off-road.

This seems like a good idea to us. We'd want to use our Jeeps as intended, but we wouldn't want to destroy the paint & body of a vehicle we still owe the bank tens of thousands of dollars on (we write about cars for a living – we don't have the scratch to pay cash up front).

Available in several designs, these vinyl-coated panels are about as easy to install as a Rock Auto refrigerator magnet. Just make sure that the surface of your Jeep is clean and dry – remember, the goal is to prevent scratches, not create them.

The panels are available to fit all Jeep Wrangler models from 1996 up through 2018 (sorry, JL owners, but we bet yours will be available soon). While fitment issues mar arise with the front fender panel dues to special badging on some models, help is only a hairdryer (or a hobby knife) away.

The panels are available in several designs, including an American flag, the Rocky Mountains, or our favorite, a classic wood design  reminiscent of the classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer. When properly installed, the magnets are apparently strong enough to hold on to the body up to highway speeds.

While these panels won't protect your Jeep from big dents and deep gouges, they're a clever –and stylish – way to keep small scrapes at bay.

Source: Quadratec on YouTube

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