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Consumer Reports tallied the results of a survey covering over 60,000 vehicles and found that owners put Tesla's infotainment tech on top with an 86 percent satisfaction rate. That's an especially impressive score because on average just 56 percent of people reported being very satisfied with their vehicle's infotainment system. At the other end of the spectrum, Lexus’ Remote Touchpad system had just 46-percent satisfaction.

Rather than the factory-specified infotainment tech, many people reported higher satisfaction with the smartphone integration from current vehicles. Apple Carplay had 64 percent of people being very satisfied with it. Android Auto had 59 percent of respondents very satisfied with it. 

Some automakers appeared on the list twice, either because they offer an upgraded infotainment system with significant improvements or because some vehicles in the lineup still have older tech. For example, the Audi MMI with the Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster scored 68 percent satisfaction, but MMI with analog gauges was much worse at 59 percent.

When shopping for a vehicle, Consumer Reports recommends looking for a model that offers a screen that's at least seven inches. Owners generally prefer touchscreens, physical buttons, or knobs over infotainment controls with a joystick or touchpad. it also recommends testing the system to check the responsiveness and accuracy of the voice recognition.

See how your vehicle ranked below:

Automaker Satisfaction Score
Tesla 86
BMW (iDrive with Gesture Control) 80
Genesis 75
Ford/Lincoln 73
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 72
Porsche 69
Volkswagen 68
BMW (iDrive touch) 68
Audi (MMI Virtual Cockpit) 68
Cadillac Cue 67
Hyundai/Kia 67
General Motors 66
Volvo 63
Nissan 61
Infiniti 60
Audi (MMI) 59
Mercedes-Benz 58
Toyota 58
Honda (HondaLink with one screen) 56
Lexus (Remote Touch) 56
Acura (AcuraLink Touchpad) 55
Subaru 55
Jaguar Land Rover 54
Alfa Romeo 54
Mazda 53
Acura (AcuraLink II) 52
Honda (HondaLink with two screens) 50
Lexus (Remote Touchpad) 46

Source: Consumer Reports

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