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CarsDirect has confirmed that, starting next year, the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain will no longer be offered with the diesel engine with all-wheel drive. CarsDirect noticed the change in the 2020 order guide, and they reached out to GM, who confirmed the change.

Citing a low take rate for the diesel/all-wheel drive combination, GM will no longer offer the option to buyers. Those who desire a diesel will have to be content with front wheel drive, while those who want all-wheel drive will have to order their new crossover with a gasoline engine.

Those who want both are advised to act fast, as many dealers still have all-wheel drive diesel Equinox and Terrain models in stock. Heavy discounts and incentives could mean a great deal for crossover buyers that prefer to use the green-handled pump at the far end of the filling station.

Conversely, CarsDirect brings up the fact that Mazda still offers the excellent, dynamically engaging CX-5 with both all-wheel drive and a diesel engine in its top-of-the-range Signature trim, which starts at around $42,000. That's considerably more money than the starting prices for the 2019 Equinox and Terrain with a similar drivetrain. The diesel, all-wheel drive Equinox starts at $32,495, while the Terrain version starts at $34,795.

In addition, the diesel CX-5 is also less thrifty than its GM competitors, recording four fewer miles per gallon than either the Equinox or the Terrain. The trade-off, though, is an additional 50 lb/ft of torque compared to the GM diesels.

It seems that the discontinuation of low-priced, all-wheel drive diesel compact crossovers will leave a hole in the marketplace. However, given GM's comment about a low take rate, it's probable that few will notice.

Source: CarsDirect

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