You might be surprised by the tuned Ranger's performance.

Recently, we wrote about Hennessey Performance's dyno video comparing a stock Ford Ranger to their VelociRaptor package. The stock 2.4 liter EcoBoost four-cylinder saw rear wheel horsepower increase from 243 horsepower and 267 lb/ft of torque in stock form to 306 horsepower and 374 lb/ft of torque after Hennessey's modifications.

Now, Hennessey has released a video of their modified VelociRaptor Ranger lining up against a stock Ford Raptor. Given Hennessey's reputation for high-dollar, high-horsepower Raptor builds, we're surprised they were able to locate a stock Raptor anywhere near their facility. Maybe they have friends at a local dealership.

On their website, Hennessey lists the crank horsepower and torque ratings for the Ranger VelociRaptor at 360 horsepower and 440 lb/ft of torque. That's a long way off from the 450 horsepower and 510 lb/ft of the Raptor, but keep in mind that the heaviest Ranger (4,441 pounds) is over a thousand pounds lighter than the lightest Raptor, which weighs in at 5,525 pounds.

Curiously, while Hennessey's product page for the VelociRaptor lists the horsepower at 360, the video shows it at 350. Either way, this is one seriously fast Ranger, and the dyno results we linked earlier tell the real story anyway.

The trucks line up street-race style – three honks and they're off. The VelociRaptor gets the holeshot, and just keeps on pulling. By the end of the race, the VelociRaptor pulls at least two car lengths (or truck lengths, in this case) on the Raptor. It's a decisive victory for the tuned-up Ranger.

We all know full well that the Raptor is no slouch, even in stock form –it has a well-deserved reputation as a high-performance off-roader. This video only serves to show just what a Ranger is capable of in the hands of expert tuners.

Source: Hennessey Performance on YouTube


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