This 2007 Toyota Tundra SR5 is a bit battered, but the scars are well-earned from a life on the road that’s added up to no less than one million miles on the odometer. Sure, any vehicle can be kept alive and running with enough maintenance, but this plucky Toyota still has all kinds of original parts – including the 4.7-liter V8 under the hood. Folks, whether or not you’re a fan of Toyota, that’s seriously impressive.

Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk on YouTube brings us this story, and it’s a good one. Louisiana resident Aaron Morvant is the owner of this truck, and he doesn’t leisurely travel the highway of America seeing the sights. He’s in the logistics business – a "hot shot driver" as the kids say. In short, he’s on-call 24/7 to pick up and deliver various cargo to pretty much anywhere in the country at any time, and we do mean any time. In fact, during the taping of this video, he got such a call and had to jump on the road ASAP.

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Presumably, it was during that trip when the Tundra rolled one million miles. Morvant recorded the moment (which is featured in the video) and yes, it was as undramatic as you’d expect. That’s actually what makes this milestone so impressive, because the Tundra is still rolling with its factory-assembled V8 having undergone no major repairs or rebuilds. The transmission isn’t quite as robust – it only lasted 792,000 miles before Morvant had it rebuilt over concerns of a slight slip in third gear, something he now believes could’ve been remedied with a fluid swap. Obviously, the truck has been well-maintained over the years.

All things considered, the Tundra has held up pretty well. It certainly wears some battle damage on the outside, and Morvant conceded in the video that he’s exceeded the pickup’s rated cargo and towing capacities on occasion. Aside from a bit of grime inside the cabin, the only issue we can spot with the greenhouse is a tear in the driver’s seat. Honestly, we’ve seen more than a few vehicles with seats blown apart after just 100,000 miles, never mind a million.

What’s the future for this truck? At this point it’s unknown. It’s the second known Tundra to eclipse the million-mile mark, with the first one ironically also being a 2007 model from Louisiana. When Toyota learned of its existence a few years back, the automaker gave the owner a new truck and took that one back to examine how the mechanicals weathered the mileage.

If Toyota decides to swap out Morvant’s ride with a new truck, we suspect the company will have to track him down somewhere on the highways of America.

Source: Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk via YouTube

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