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Kia has released a commercial for the new Soul, and the infamous hamsters are nowhere in sight. Instead, there's a different kind of creature getting screen time.

We'll get to that in time. First, let's back up, and take a look at the new Kia Soul lineup on full display in the ad. Three brightly-colored Souls get their fair share of attention in the one-minute TV ad, which you can view at your leisure on Kia Motors America's official YouTube channel.

The bright red GT-Line Turbo is the Soul's performance model, with a sporty-looking body kit, split five spoke aluminum wheels, and blacked-out trim. The 1.6 liter turbo under the hood is good for 201 horsepower, which means that the Soul GT-Line Turbo should pack a punch that backs up its tuner-car looks.

Next up is the green X-Line model, designed to look like a rugged off-road crossover. While it might not have any actual off-road ability to back up its tough-guy looks, the X-Line model is as attractive as any other small crossover out there.

Finally, there's a bright yellow EX Designer Line model, which has styling that's more conservative than either the GT-Line Turbo or the X-Line. No longer content to be a dull, featureless box, the new Kia Soul appears poised to be many different things for many different people.

Throughout the ad, we see the three Kia Souls driving on what appears to be a bizarre alien landscape, with brightly-colored, oddly shaped topography. It's only when a vast crater moves that we see that it's not a landscape at all – these Souls are driving on the back of a chameleon.

It's an appropriate message, given the Soul's new direction – the Soul is prepared to be whatever you want it to be.

Source: Kia Motors America on YouTube

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