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The Mazda Miata has a reputation among enthusiasts for being a fun car with a great chassis. it's a sublime car to drive, and part of why it's so popular is its affordability, especially when compared to many other sports cars.

What happens when a Miata gets expensive? Is it still a great car? In a word, yes. You'll have to watch this video from Toyo Tires' official YouTube channel to see if you agree.

Dionne Mascunana, who handles much of Toyo Tires' social media presence, released the video to outline the build of his 1994 Mazda Miata. Mascunana says that he built the car in one month, and did all of the work himself, except for the paint.

Even though it's Mascunana's personal car, it was on display at the Toyo Tires booth at SEMA last year. After looking at the attention to detail in this build, we can understand why.

The car is built from a carefully-selected combination of custom-made parts, high-end components, and rare JDM accessories. The mega-wide, bolt-on Rocket Bunny fender flares aren't large enough to contain the even wider CCW Classic wheels, naturally shod with stretched Toyo tires. 

The low-profile carbon fiber mirrors and body kit came from Japan, while the lip kit was homemade by Mascunana himself. The paint job isn't the stock Miata red, either – it's a Ferrari color.

Similar attention was paid to the suspension, with Mazda tuning powerhouse Racing Beat supplying a few components, as well as the intake and exhaust. There's still more work to do, too – Mascunana plans to LS swap the car in the near future.

Inside, Mascunana says he wanted a very clean, "OEM plus" look. The Recaro seats dominate the interior as one more example of high-end parts used on this build.

All in all, Mascunana says that he has around $70,000 invested in this build. From the looks of things, we'd say that it's worth every penny.

Source: Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp on YouTube

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