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Ferrari doesn't currently offer a hypercar that's a successor to the lineage of models like the F40, F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari. Now, rendering artist Rain Prisk now imagines what such a machine might look like.

Gallery: Ferrari Hypercar Rendering by Rain Prisk

Prisk used the 2016 Ferrari J50 as the starting point for his design but radically altered the limited-run model to create his machine (see comparison below). A low-slung nose features tiny LED slits for headlights and circular lamps in the lower fascia. An expansive windshield and narrow pillars appear to offer a wide view outside of the vehicle.

The snorkel on the roof does multiple duties. It has the obvious job of sending air to the engine. In addition, the piece forms the top of the fin on the rear deck and supports the wing over the tail.

Ferrari Hypercar Rendering
Ferrari J50

Prancing Horse fans have to be patient for a LaFerrari successor. According to a slide in Ferrari's 2018-2022 product plan, the company is already financing the new hypercar's development, but the model wouldn't arrive until sometime after 2022. It promises the vehicle has "the apex of performance and technological innovation," including tech that would eventually trickle down to more widely available Ferraris.

The Prancing Horse intends 60 percent of its models to be hybrids by 2022, and this plan suggests the new hypercar would pack some level of electrification. Don't bet on the model using a V12 combustion engine like the LaFerrari, though. Quotes from Ferrari technical director Michael Leiters suggest that he doesn't see much of a future for hybrid, large displacement powerplants. “If you want to maximize the benefits of an electrified powertrain, you need to do it with downsizing otherwise it doesn’t make sense," he said in March.

Source: Rain Prisk via Facebook

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