Mazda signalled its rebirth back in 2002 with the ?rst Mazda6, a sleek, stylish and highly successful car, which embodied the company’s Zoom-Zoom spirit of driving pleasure.

The new Mazda 2 was the first of Mazda's new Zoom-Zoom generation although the new Mazda 6 has maybe been the eagerly awaited, and it was well worth the wait. The next generation Mazda6 comes in three bodystyles (sedan, hatchback and estate) and measures 65mm longer, 15mm wider, 5mm taller and 50mm longer wheelbase than the previous, first generation dating back to 2002.

The interior build quality has mainly been addressed in the new generation by reducing body gaps and using higher quality materials, giving the Mazda 6 a more premium feel. The new styling cues on the new Mazda 6 are of course the most noticeable, and all the WCF crew were equally impressed with it. If it drives as good as the first generation, the competition will have a fierce fight on their hands. A new 2.5 liter engine (170hp) is added to the line-up which already consisted of the 1.8 liter (120hp) and 2.0 liter (147 hp) petrol engines and the 140 hp 2.0 turbodiesel.

Mazda has three key factors which influenced the design: Emotional and Sporty, Exclusive Experience and Insightful Package. Or in layman's terms, the driver's emotional connection or driving passion, quality and comfortable interior experience and the combination of style and functionality.

Read on for the first details on the European model. The USA will be getting their own version, but more on that closer to its launch date.

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