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If you want to live a life on the road and have a serious love for 1970s style, then feast your eyes on this Ford motorhome that's currently on sale for $39,500. The whole look fits together so well that it would be a shame for a new owner to renovate the interior to create a more modern aesthetic.

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The Ford C900 was the Blue Oval's cab-over-engine commercial truck. The seller doesn't offer powertrain details for this one, and there could be a variety of gasoline and diesel engines sitting under the driver. The exterior patina with lots of faded paint makes this rig look like it has spent a whole lot of time on the road. 

Things get really special when you step inside the motorhome, though, because it's a time capsule straight out of the 1970s. The color palette leans heavily on the favored shades from the era like avacado green, burnt orange, and sunshine yellow. The dining area with yellow tufting is an especially eye-catching touch. Fake stone and wood paneling adorn the walls. In the bathroom, crimson red tiles add a vibrant contrast.

The seller doesn't offer many details about this retro rig, but the pictures tell a whole lot of the story. If this is your style, then it's breathtaking. But if you don't have an eye for the 1970s aesthetic, the interior probably reminds you of a visit to Grandma's house. Let's hope there's a buyer out there who sees the potential in this motorhome and does what's necessary for the rig to cover many more miles.

Source: Larry Brown via Classic Cars For Sale via Facebook

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