Hennessey has set a new Texas Mile record with a custom Ford GT that managed to hit a top speed of 257.7 mph (414 km/h).

After testing the TxTag toll tag camera system in Texas, Hennessey has brought a custom Ford GT to the biannual Texas Mile festival of speed organized in Beeville.

This is the same Ford GT that managed to hit 257.7 mph (414 km/h) back in March at the Texas Mile. Last weekend it established a new speed record as it reached an impressive 263.3 mph (423.7 km/h) with Sean Kennedy behind the wheel.

Running on 117 octane racing gasoline, the car is powered by a racing-engineered 5.4-liter Accufab Racing engine with two Precision turbochargers, with Shane Tecklenburg from MoTeC in charge of the engine and power management.

Hennessey mentions that this is a road-legal car with functioning AC, stereo, airbags, interior, power windows and the inspection sticker.

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