The basis is formed by the edo 996 GT2 R, which had already been modified in many areas. The only thing missing to be up-to-date is the look of the current Porsche 997!

The Edo Competition 996 GT2 R kit has been available for a while, but now Edo has extended its inventory with a light-weight carbon conversion kit to simulate the new 997 series looks. The 996 GT2 R already has had modifications to its brakes, suspension, engine, transmission, aerodynamics, exhaust system, interior, wheels and light-weight windows. So now a 997 look-a-like front fascia can be added to the Extra Wide conversion kit.

Power upgrades producing upto 680 hp and 870 Nm are possible with a Porsche Turbo or GT2 models as a donor car, the rest (996 Carrera, 996 S4 and 996 GT3) will have to do with 542 hp and 755 Nm of torque for their twin-turbo horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine. Top speed is set at 330 km/h with a 0-100 km/h time of 3.8 seconds, continuing to 200 km/h takes just another 7.2 seconds.

Only time will tell what Edo can do with the new widowmaker.

Gallery: Edo 997 GT2 R Kit for Porsche 996