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Ford has prices plugged into its new 2020 Explorer configurator, which means it’s time for us to do some shopping. Aside from the redesign and new features, Ford now offers its popular SUV with a hybrid powertrain, and there’s the high-performance ST trim with a 400-horsepower (298-kilowatt) 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 turning all four wheels. Other trims include the entry-level XLT with a base price of $36,675, mid-level Limited at $48,130, and the range-topping Platinum at $58,250. The ST model starts at $54,740.

Logic would dictate that the most expensive Explorer is a fully optioned Platinum, and in that assessment, you would be correct. However, it’s interesting to note that all Explorer models save for the XLT are surprisingly close in price with all the option boxes ticked. For example, the hybrid powertrain is only available on Limited models and it’s a $5,000 option. With all other options selected, the Limited Hybrid checks in at $61,155. Similarly, the hotter ST with its fully equipped price of $63,300 is just $1,310 away from a $64,610 Platinum.

Most Expensive 2020 Ford Explorer

Never the less, a Platinum outfitted with every factory option is the most expensive Explorer of them all. By default, it already comes with a wide array of interior and exterior bling, such as leather, the big moonroof, LED lighting, and Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 system. Its engine is the same 3.0-liter EcoBoost used in the ST, though detuned to 365 hp (272 kW) while sending power to all four wheels. The exterior add-ons start with a coat of Star White paint for $595, roof rail crossbars for $325, premium wheels for $595, and wheel locks for $75.

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The really pricey updates are found inside, starting with Ford’s dual headrest rear entertainment system for $1,995. The Premium Technology Package tacks on $995 but includes the big 14-speaker stereo system, 10.1-inch touchscreen in the center stack, and active motion front seats. Speaking of seating, swapping the Platinum’s second-row buckets for a split bench seat adds $495, a cargo mat in the back costs $100, and the smoker’s package will ding you for another $90.

All total, the Platinum’s option card equals $5,265. Add another $1,095 for destination charges and you have the most expensive 2020 Ford Explorer at $64,610.

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