HAMANN thought wherever a V8 engine can fit, a V10 can fit in as well and look, voilá it fits!

V10 power

There is always room for one more, that must have been the motto when Hamann took receipt of a new BMW 3-Series. If it fits a V8, it can handle a V10 and the German engineers have indeed managed to shoehorn a V10 into the engine bay. At first they stuck to optimising the V8 E92 3-series and extracted an additional 40hp but it was just not enough for the Laupheim, Germany BMW specialists.

The power increase speaks for itself really, a whopping 560 hp is where the counter stopped that is a good 140 hp (!!) more than the most powerful of the 3-series, the BMW M3. Torque peaks at 574 Nm at 6100 rpm which is put to the road with the 7-speed manual SMG transmission. 0 -100 km/h takes just 4,3 seconds and the Thunder will power on till it hits 335 km/h.

Obviously Hamann doesn't just leave it at that, they also make the 3-er look the part with a M3 body kit including a carbon fibre roof, front spoiler and rear diffuser. The Thunder sits on 20 inch Edition Race light-weight, 3-piece, nine-spoke forged wheels. Behind the front wheels you will find 405x43mm brake discs and in the rear 380x28mm discs, 2 fixed brake callipers (six-piston front, four-piston rear) and special brake pads to put all the metal and carbon to a stop.

Your E92 3-series not sporty enough? Then its time to call Hamann and put some Thunder under the hood.

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