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Friends, we see all kinds of cool vehicle renderings on a daily basis. We even commission some artists to go crazy on specific designs for us, but the detail work on this gold Dodge Challenger from Abimelec Design on Facebook has our jaws well and truly dropped. We were so impressed with these images that we shot the artist a message to learn a bit more.

The man behind these outstanding renderings is Abimelec Arellano, and if it’s not obvious from this very cool Hemi Under Glass recreation, cars are his passion. For those not familiar with this iconic livery, there was a famous gold Plymouth Barracuda during the classic muscle car era with a Hemi V8 stuck in the back of the car. Technically it was a mid-engine layout, but the rearward weight shift combined with the Hemi’s prolific torque meant the car was a wheelie-popping dynamo that could do a 10-second quarter-mile pass entirely on its back wheels.


It took Arellano approximately 4-5 hours to bring the classic Barracuda into the 21st century with these renderings. Naturally, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was the only suitable successor for this iconic machine, but this project involved far more than just a gold repaint. The Challenger’s rear-window and trunk are digitally replaced with the appropriate amount of glass, and the demon-infused Hellcat V8 is intricately detailed for all to see beneath it.

Look beyond that, however, and you’ll see intricate detail work for the roll cage inside. The drag radials have wrinkles from the hard launch. The side mirror on the driver door reflects the window and weatherstrip. The blurry action shot even has sparks flying off the back, just like you'd see on the real car as it wheelied its way down the drag strip. And of course, there’s the Abimelec Design logo on the back of the car.

Challenger Demon Hemi Under Glass Render

Big shout out to Abimelec Arellano for sharing the photos and story of this cool creation with us. There are plenty of other projects to see at his Artstation page, and we just might feature a few more in the future. There’s a Hellcat-swapped Ford Crown Victoria that, frankly, we need in our lives.

Source: Abimelec Design on Facebook via The Drive

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