Angelholm is a locality in the Skane province in Sweden with a population of approximately 41,500 people over an area of 4.95 square miles. It’s always been a relatively small city and, frankly, quite unpopular to tourists. There’s something that makes this place very special though and it’s heavily related to the automotive industry.

Angelholm is the birthplace of Koenigsegg, the Swedish supercar automaker that builds one of the fastest and most potent cars in the world today. It’s not really easy to reach one of the most northern points of Sweden so Top Gear decided to do the hard job for us and take a detailed tour of the manufacturer’s factory. And, of course, to film the entire experience.

There’s a beautiful orange CCXR that welcomes guests at the plant. Interestingly, if you are going to take a tour around the factory, they are even giving you special trousers so that you don’t scratch the paint of the newly finished products. Once you are properly dressed, you can enter the production facilities.

There’s a Jesko under construction at the main site. The Jesko the replacement of the Agera which debuted during last month’s Geneva Motor Show with up to 1,600 horsepower (1,193 kilowatts). In fact, the vehicle you see in the video is the exact same show car that was displayed near Lake Geneva in March.

Aside from giving us a really deep look into the production process at Koenigsegg, the 22-minute video also features an interesting conversation between Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix and Christian von Koenigsegg, who explains some of the circumstances that surround a top-speed run. Koenigsegg also talks about some of the features of the Jesko.

Koenigsegg plans to produce no more than 125 examples of the Jesko. All of them will be hand built at the company’s Angelholm factory.

Source: Top Gear on YouTube

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