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Zero Labs Automotive is showing off its plan to build an electric version of the original Ford Bronco. More than just slapping an electric motor under the hood and pushing them out the door, this project also gives the off-roader modern luxury with things like real wood interior panels and digital instruments. The company plans to build an initial run of 150 of them and reservations are open now.

Gallery: Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco Electric Restomod

Zero Labs Automotive Bronco electric restomod has a claimed 360-horsepower (269-kilowatt) output. A 70-kilowatt-hour battery allows for a 190-mile (306-kilometer) range. The motor runs through a five-speed manual transmission, which seems like an odd choice considering most electric vehicles use just a single speed. In this case, the build seeks to preserve the Bronco’s ultra-low speed off-road capability for crawling over rough terrain, but our partners at offer some additional speculation. Such an arrangement likely makes it easier for the builders to use parts like the Atlas two-speed transfer case and Currie differentials, simply because few or no modifications would be necessary to get them working.

For more comfortable off-roading, there are adjustable Fox coilovers. A set of Brembo brakes with six-piston calipers can slow the SUV down. 

Which restomod Bronco would you pick: the electric one from Zero Labs Automotive or the somewhat more traditional version from Icon? Let us know in the comments, below.

While the exterior looks like an authentic Bronco, the body panels are now carbon fiber. Inside, the cabin is similarly familiar but with touches like a choice of walnut or bamboo panels adorning the dashboard, center console, and door panels. The digital gauge cluster has a classic look to the dials but allows for modern telematics, so owners can treat the vintage-looking machine like a modern SUV.

While reservations are open now for the initial run, Zero Labs Automotive doesn't yet offer full pricing details about its restomod Bronco that blends classic style with a modern powerplant.

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Introducing the World's First Electric Classic Ford Bronco
Zero Labs Automotive, LLC introduces the new category of premium classic electric vehicles. Their first production vehicle - a fully restored and re-engineered classic (1966-77) Ford Bronco is handcrafted with aerospace grade carbon fiber construction, real wood interior panels, all digital control and display and more than 1,000 newly designed parts. Only 150 of these first edition premium electric vehicles are available for reservation.


Zero Labs Automotive Apr 19, 2019, 08:36 ET


LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zero Labs Automotive – a new automotive design, technology, and engineering firm introduced their first production vehicle – the world's first electric classic Ford Bronco and a new category of electric vehicles.

The CEO and Founder of Zero Labs Automotive, Adam Roe, a former retail marketing and technology pioneer, sold his successful agency in 2015 and put together a dedicated team of advanced race vehicle engineers, electrical engineers, vehicle prototype manufactures, composite engineers, aerospace fabricators and premium classic car manufacturers to focus on one problem. "Given the world's growing commitment to clean energy, what do we do with our past?" asks CEO and Founder Adam Roe. "Classic vehicles represent how we keep our past alive, the spirit of who we are, a conflict between pride and shame, and now they are a symbol for change."

The Zero Labs Ford Bronco vehicles are handcrafted with newly designed aerospace grade carbon fiber construction, molded wood consoles, all digital and more than 1,000 newly designed parts. To retain the off-road capability of the world's most collectible 4x4, the Zero Labs Ford Bronco features an Atlas 2 (2-speed) transfer case, Currie front and rear differentials, adjustable FOX coil over suspension complete with Brembo 6 piston caliper brakes.

Electric performance includes digital Telematics, custom all-digital gauge display, VCU and CAN Network, 70 kWh battery, 190-mile range, Level 2 charging and a 360HP permanent magnet AC motor. The carefully honored classic design will last well into the future and the company expects the power performance technology to regularly improve which is why they have designed them to be upgradable, giving owners peace of mind about the future of their vehicles. This is a classic vehicle so there are no giant edge to edge screens to distract the driver from a simple driving experience. The digital gauge cluster was faithfully recreated from the original design, and all vehicle diagnostics and controls are behind a hidden screen or viewable from the user's mobile phone. To focus on their commitment to quality, only 150 of these first edition premium electric vehicles are available for reservation.

"A clean energy future does not have to come at the expense of our past," said CEO and Founder Adam Roe. "We have committed ourselves to providing car lovers with both the spirit of the past and a clean energy future but at today's standards. I am proud to say, after three years and thousands of hours in development, we have created a meaningful production vehicle so unique that one look is all it takes to forever change the way we separate the relationship between our past and our future."

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