The spectrum ranges from optimized programming of the control electronics through to the complete conversion of the engine unit.

It is often said that machines that near perfection should be left alone, but leave it to tuning houses like MTM (Motorentechnik Mayer) to accentuate strengths without diluting the original character of the car.

So this time there are no showy spoilers, widened fenders or huge front bumpers. No, this time every adjustment stays under the body. First MTM reprogrammed the car's ECU which resulted in a 75 hp increase to 635 hp with 780 Nm torque. Stage 2 increased the horsepower output to 650 while torque was bumped up to 795 Nm. In comparison, the original Bentley Continental GTC already achieved an incredible 560 hp with 650 Nm of torque from the 6 liter W12 engine. All these extra horses make the MTM Continental GTC one of the fastest topless drives in the world.

The MTM Continental GTC also comes with a MTM engineered 4-pipe stainless steel exhaust, 21 inch Bimoto alloy wheels and MTM can lower the Bentley by reprogramming the suspension software giving it a sportier look while ensuring a maximum level of ride comfort.

Last but not least, MTM announced its Bentley Continenal GT Speed program which will push the limits even further on the fastest factory spec Bentley ever. Expect 750 hp and a top speed of 340 km/h should be possible! Maybe we will have proof after the next Nardo 300km/h+ elite showdown.

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