The latest reports are indicating that Mazda is currently taking into consideration launching a new model below the Mazda2. If it gets the green light for production, the alleged Mazda1 will be sold not only in established markets but also in emerging markets as well. However, even if there will be such a model it won’t be out before 2015.

Mazda’s CEO Yasuhiro Aoyama said the company he’s running has two ways to go: they either launch a car similar to the Volkswagen up! or they create a budget model specially designed for emerging markets, but with some chances of reaching other territories as well.

Just like many other carmakers these days, to shave off some of the production costs Mazda might consider a partnership with another company. Despite Mazda’s long history with Ford and the fact that they share the same platform for the Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta, Mazda could collaborate with Fiat for this potential entry-level model. The Japanese firm will share the chassis of the next-gen MX-5 with a future Alfa Romeo model.

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