We've been featuring a lot of videos from Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds lately. We appreciate their no-nonsense approach, and we also like seeing top speed runs for fast cars under average circumstances. Plus, their videos have been getting better and better as of late.

Their 2.3 mile runway provides plenty of space for just about any car on the planet to stretch its legs. Their new video intro shows a Porsche, a McLaren, a Ford GT (the big, bad, Modular V8-powered one, not the "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" Ecoboost-powered Ford GT), and a Lamborghini. This video isn't about a supercar going all out, though – this time, it's a modified Nissan GT-R.

The Nissan GT-R may be nicknamed "Godzilla," but given its reputation as a giant-killer that punches way above its class, "David" might be an even better moniker. This Nissan GT-R is tuned to produced an amazing 1,100 horsepower to all four wheels, with an equally impressive 850 lb/ft of torque.

Those are hypercar numbers, and this Nissan can hang with the best of them. We've all seen videos of brutally fast GT-Rs embarrassing far more expensive machinery at the dragstrip or on the street. Now, we're going to find out just how long Godzilla's legs are.

Big power means big boost and big turbos, so a little lag down low is to be expected. Once those massive turbochargers get spooled up, though, it's sayonara. The GT-R pulls like a bullet train all the way to an amazing top speed of 235.6 miles per hour.

After the amazing top speed run seen from the car's perspective, we see what it was like as a bystander. The GT-R is gone in a flash, the turbos whining like a jet engine for a fraction of a second as the car passes from our field of view never to be seen again –until we hit "play" on the video again.

Source: Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds on YouTube

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