Microsoft's "Miami Street" was released for PCs and tablets a few months ago, and offers street-race thrills at the push of a button – or the tap of your thumb. Now, it's been rebranded as Forza Street, and appears to offer at least some of what fans of the franchise love, while making it more accessible for less hardcore race fans.

Speaking of accessibility, the planned iOS and Android ports don't seem to be affected by the new Forza branding. The trailer still announces that they're on their way, so even Apple fans will get a chance to enjoy a Forza game on their phones. While you wait for those versions to be released, you can still play it for free on your computer or laptop, and we did just that. Tough day at the office, indeed.

The game plays like most mobile driving games – controls are heavily simplified, but timing and feel is key. As a result, the view during the race is much more cinematic, much like a replay mode. The camera seamlessly reverts back to a more traditional position at key moments, such as entering and exiting corners.

Surprisingly, the game has something of a plot – four wealthy benefactors have spent billions transforming Miami from a party paradise into a haven for street racers, somewhat like the setting of the Forza Horizon series. You're helped along by Kiko, who coincidentally "let you win" the tutorial/qualifying race, and mentors you as you unravel the mystery of the hosts' true intentions.

Obviously, the game is pretty simplified compared to either Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon, but it's still a lot of fun. Your only controls are your mouse, your space bar, and the "B" key (for boost, naturally). However, there's tons of awesome real-life cars to collect – an hour into the game, and we already own a Ford Mustang GT, a Focus RS, and a pair of classic Porsches. This might be our new favorite way to kill time, and it's free to download from the Microsoft Store.

Source: Windows Central

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