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Following a teaser published last week, Lotus has released a somewhat vague sketch depicting the silhouette of its first all-new car in more than a decade. Type 130 is billed as being the first fully electric British hypercar and will be revealed in full later this year when the Norfolk-based marque will disclose all the juicy details. Speaking of which, Lotus promises some “remarkable details and specification” of what it believes to be a “tour de force.”

While the teaser sketch was published at the ongoing Auto Shanghai 2019 in China, the car’s actual reveal will take place at the company’s birthplace in London. As far as the name is concerned, “Type 130” is a nod to several important models released by Lotus over the decades, kicking off with the Type 14 (Elite) from 1957 that will go down in history as the world’s first composite monocoque production road car.

Little else is known about the car, but Lotus CEO Phil Popham promises it will be “the most dynamically accomplished Lotus” ever and it will serve as a “turning point” for the brand while showcasing the company’s potential.


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Lotus’ recent partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering might have something to do with the new Type 130. As per the agreement, the two will be jointly working on “advanced propulsion technologies,” with rumors pointing towards the development of a high-performance car. It is believed Williams will put its Formula E knowhow to good use by sharing with Lotus the progress it has made in battery systems.

The Lotus Type 130 is believed to have at least 1,000 horsepower and an all-wheel-drive system, while the unspecified battery pack could provide enough juice for more than 250 miles (402 kilometers) between charges.

We’ll have to wait a few more months for the full reveal, possibly with a proper name.

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  • Lotus continues its legendary bloodline with Type 130 confirmed as an all-new hypercar, now in advanced stages of development
  • First glimpse of the new vehicle is revealed at Shanghai International Auto Show 2019

Lotus embarks on an exciting new era today with the announcement of its first all-new product in more than a decade – set to become the first all-electric hypercar from a British manufacturer.

Type 130 continues the legendary bloodline from Lotus during its 71-year history, which has seen a number of true game-changers introduced from the Norfolk, UK based brand in both motorsport and sportscars. 

CEO Phil Popham said: “Type 130 will be the most dynamically accomplished Lotus in our history. It marks a turning point for our brand and is a showcase of what we are capable of and what is to come from Lotus.”

The all-new car will be revealed, together with the full remarkable details and specification of this technical tour de force, in London, the birthplace of Lotus, later this year.

Some notable Lotus ‘Type’ numbers include:

Type 14 – World’s first composite monocoque production road car (Elite, 1957)

Type 25 – World’s first fully-stressed monocoque F1 car, first Lotus to win F1 world championship (1963)

Type 72 – Most successful F1 car of all time and the blueprint for F1 car design for many years (Championship winner in 1970, ‘72 and’ 73)

Type 78 – World’s first ‘ground effects’ F1 car (1977)

Type 88 – World’s first carbon fibre F1 car (1981)

Type 92 – World’s first active suspension F1 car (1983)

Type 111 – World’s first aluminium and bonded extrusion construction production car (Elise, 1995)

Type 130 – World’s first full electric British hypercar (2019)

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