All should be revealed in September.

Mondays seem to be good days to catch camouflaged BMW M cars. It was a Monday from a few weeks back when we caught BMW driving around a snowy backdrop in a camouflaged M3 sedan, and today we have another M3 kicking off the work week. This time around we suspect the driver is having a better time behind the wheel, because the wintry weather has been replaced with budding green and heatwaves emanating from everyone’s favorite German track, the Nürburgring.

The camouflage wrap still holds strong, so this round of spy photos doesn’t show us much new. We can, however, see that BMW isn’t letting the tires get cool on this particular prototype. It’s leaning rather heavily on its right side as exits the corner towards the camera, and as it passes we’re given perhaps the best profile shot of the new M3 we’ve had thus far. From this angle, the hood seems to stretch for miles in front of the raked windshield. It’s undeniably a BMW look, and though the new 3 Series is bigger than the 5 Series from just a few generations ago, it looks properly aggressive.

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We have heard a few new rumors since we last saw the Bimmer out and about. We’ve known for a while that it should debut later this year in Frankfurt, and that it should pack upwards of 480 horsepower from its 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6. We’ve also heard about the Pure model – delivering a bit less power but also offering drivers a proper three-pedal manual transmission experience. We are now hearing that the two-door M4 model could join the sedan at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and though it will likely have the same powerplant under the hood, it should have design cues that set it apart from its four-door sibling.

Yes, pricing for both the M3 and M4 will almost certainly rise, but that’s to be expected with a corresponding power boost. In any case, BMW seems poised to capture everyone’s attention later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Automedia

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