Nissan has unveiled their Autonomous Emergency Steering System (AESS). It will automatically steer the car to avoid an impending crash.

Nissan has unveiled their Autonomous Emergency Steering System (AESS).

Based on their steer-by-wire system, the AESS will automatically apply the brakes and steer the car when a collision is imminent. The system is designed to work at high and low speeds when the driver fails to notice an impending crash.

The system works by processing information provided by a front-mounted camera, five laser scanners and three radar systems which are mounted at the front and on both sides of the vehicle. If the system determines a collision cannot be avoided by braking, it looks for an open area ahead of the vehicle. The driver is then notified of where to steer but if they fail to react, the car will automatically steer itself in that direction.

There's no word on when the system could be introduced in production vehicles, but Nissan says the AESS is a key part of their Vision Zero safety initiative which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities.

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