TD06-17C turbocharger, 4.3-Liter LB4 V6 engine, and a 48mm twin-bore throttle body. No, these aren't specifications of a sports car. These are the things you'll find under a GMC Syclone – a sports truck produced in 1991 that boasted an acceleration that was likened to a Corvette or even a Ferrari.

With these laurels out there, can a modified version of the GMC Syclone beat the ever-so-popular Dodge Challenger SRT Demon on a drag strip? Fortunately, Demonology was able to answer our question through a video.

Gallery: Dodge Demon vs Modified GMC Syclone


Beyond the Meteor Man references, the video showcases A Dodge Demon, in all of its 840-horsepower greatness, coming out of Carlyle Racing garage. Based on the description, the owner of the Demon wore out his stock driveshaft – we're not surprised, really – so the Ohio-based performance shop replaced it with a carbon fiber type.

With the slight weight difference and the ability to vibrations and rotational harmonics, you know that this revitalized Demon would be out to show its taillights in drag races. And of course, it did.

In the video, the Demon faces a Corvette C3 and a modified Ford F-150. The results won't surprise you, but the Meteor Man references will. We're absolutely not sure why Demonology used that movie as a reference but it sure was hilarious. Well, at least for us.

For its last race, the Demon faces a "legendary" pickup truck – the GMC Syclone, a modified version of it. Can the almost 30-year-old truck do justice with its modifications against the carbon fiber driven Demon? Watch the video on top of this page and while you're at it, let us know which car should face the Demon on the drag strip through the comments section below.

Source: Demonology via Youtube

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