Giampiero Sbrizzi is a transportation design graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and he is the creator of this Pininfarina Chords Concept. This design study is a futuristic, compact sportscar that draws its inspiration from music, especially from the double bass instrument. It is 3850mm long, 1650mm wide and 1300mm tall.

The vehicle is envisioned as having a system of vibrating strings and also a device which is able to convert the resulting low-frequency vibrations into energy. This isn’t something from a science fiction movie as the technology has actually been developed by MIT and it is called Mini Energy Harvester.

These strings have been attached to the vehicle’s exterior elements produced from mahogany, while carbon fiber and composite plastics were used for the body panels.

Gallery: Pininfarina Chords Concept rendered

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