This accident between a Ferrari 458 Spider and a California occurred a few days ago on the Baomao Expressway in China.

About a week ago we discussed the horrible accident that occurred in Malaysia involving two Nissan GT-Rs and now we have yet another story to report with a Ferrari 458 Spider and a California that collided with each other at most likely a very high speed judging by the severity of disintegration and scattered debris. It seems that a convoy of Ferraris was travelling in Northwest China near Shaanxi on most likely the Ansai area of the Baomao Expressway when the drivers of these two cars lost control.

You can imagine how violent the crash between the two Ferraris was taking into account that the engine from one of the cars was ripped from the vehicle and ended up on the highway. We don’t know what happened to the people inside the cars but it would be a miracle if they survived.

This isn’t the first accident to occur on the Baomao Expressway as back in August 36 people died, followed by another accident in September that killed seven people.

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