If you're feeling jealous of the lavish camping rigs that we often feature on Motor1.com and want to see something a little more modest, check out the Roofnest Sandpiper pop-up tent. As the name suggests, it attaches to the roof of your vehicle and provides a place off the ground to spend the night. At $2,795, the Sandpiper is a fairly affordable option, too. While the press photos show the tent on a Toyota Tacoma, the mounting hardware works on a variety of vehicles, including ones without roof rails.

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The roof of the tent has an aluminum rack can support up to 100 pounds, and this lets the Sandpiper double as a mounting point for your bikes or other gear. The interior measures 6 feet 10 inches long (2.083 meters) by 4 feet (1.219 meters) wide, and Roofnest says there is enough room inside for two adults. A 2.756-inch (7-centimeter) thick high-density foam mattress and 0.4-inch (1-cm) thick marine-grade anti-condensation mat keeps sleepers comfy. A telescoping ladder makes getting inside a lot easier, too. If you want to enjoy nature from the top of your vehicle,  there are zip-out mesh and canvas sections on four sides.

Clip-on pockets attach to the outside for extra storage, like if you don't want dirty boots in the tent. Owners can unfold a 4-feet by 6-feet (1.829-meter) mesh mat on the ground so that they don't have to step in mud when climbing down.

The tent collapses when not in use, and mounts to the vehicle on cross-braced aluminum rails and reinforcement plates. Metal clamps provide extra security of keeping it closed on the road.

For a look inside, check out the video, below.


Source: RoofnestBrian Myers via YouTube

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