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Team Mejo on YouTube has a habit of showing us drag races that we didn't know we wanted to see. By saying that, we mean that we'd never actively seek out these races or ask to see them specifically. Once we've watched them, though, we always come away feeling like we learned something we didn't know before.

This video pits a Dodge Challenger Hellcat against a Dodge Challenger SRT 392. The intent is to figure out just how much faster the Hellcat is. The Hellcat appears to be stock, while the SRT 392 is tuned and has had the catalytic converters removed. Apparently, they don't test for emissions in Saudi Arabia! Not the best place for environmentalists, but it seems like a nice enough place for horsepower fanatics.

Stock, a Challanger SRT 392 is good for an impressive 485 horsepower. Between the exhaust work and a tune, we're sure that the bright green Challanger in the video is breathing a little easier. Still, there's a big gap between a mildly worked-over SRT 392 and a 707 horsepower Hellcat. We're probably looking at a difference of about 200 horsepower when all is said and done.

While the race is held on a drag strip, it's not a standard drag race. Instead, it's carried out street racing style, with both cars accelerating to 50 miles per hour and racing from a roll. Initially, the SRT 392 holds its own against the Hellcat. The Hellcat begins to pull away, slowly at first, then more steadily.

When all is said and done, it appears that the Hellcat won by about three car lengths. That's a pretty wide margin, but that's still an impressive performance for the SRT 392 – it put up one heck of a fight, all things considered. We're eagerly awaiting the next unusual Team Mejo drag race.

Source: Team Mejo on YouTube


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