Vilner's latest customization program is for this Nissan GT-R wearing a white mat foil and featuring titanium exhaust pipes.

After creating an interior styling program for the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, Vilner received an order from a Nissan GT-R owner who “wanted a non-standardized execution of his racer”. Since this was an Asian customer and this is the year of the dragon, it’s no wonder that the car features elements of a dragon.

The mythical creature has been embroidered on the roof headliner and in the trunk, while inside the cabin there’s a combination of black Alcantara and black carbon leather. Carbon was used for the steering wheel and the gear shifter, with some of the details wearing a red chrome finish. The original color of the GT-R is red but Vilner has wrapped the supercar with a white mat foil, along with changing the stock exhaust pipes with custom ones made from titanium, increasing the whp figure from 440 to 530.

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Vilner creates custom Nissan GT-R for client