"The Seesaw Battle of Fuel Efficiency" infographic shows why it will be harder to reach the 54.5 mpg goal by 2025 because of increasing obesity.

It is a known fact that over the last few decades obesity in America has significantly increased, causing more health issues such as heart diseases and diabetes. It also has a negative effect on fuel consumption as according to recent statistics Americans are wasting more than one billion gallons of excess fuel annually because of the extra weight.

While most of the automakers are developing new technologies to lower the weight of their cars, a significant number of the drivers (and passengers) are getting fatter, thus cancelling out the efforts made by the car companies. For automakers it is very important to try and lower the weight of their vehicles as every 100 lbs (45 kg) shaved off results in a two percent fuel consumption decrease.

The attached infographic called "The Seesaw Battle of Fuel Efficiency" was created by Allstate and Cars.com and explains why it’s going to be difficult to reach the 54.5 mpg fuel economy standard by 2025.

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