Bugatti Veyron driver gets pulled over by the France police, seven other Veyrons stop on the side of the road.

There aren’t a lot of Bugatti Veyrons on the streets so you can consider yourself pretty lucky if you notice one. However, for an extremly lucky individual that was driving through the France countryside, it was a great day when he saw no less than eight Veyrons not once, but twice.

The second time he saw the Veyrons, which by the way had a cumulative value of 14 million euros, all of the cars were parked next to the road because one of the vehicles was pulled over by the police due to a wrong numberplate, so surprisingly the hypercars weren’t speeding. The driver of that Veyron got a 250 euros ticket and then all eight cars continued their journey.

Bugatti Veyron pulled over in France because of wrong numberplate, seven other Veyrons stop as well