Ford’s crossover the S-Max revamps the MPV market. The seven seater S-Max with its excellent body control, slick gearbox and plenty of horsepower earns its place as SAV

Sporty design with 270 hp

Sexy, sleek and fast. Maybe not the first terms to come to mind when thinking of Ford's new S-Max, but Loder1899 managed. The sexy German Oktoberfest playmate Anna Schari goes into the car, the sleek body kit takes care of the exterior and the engine receives a tweaking to produce 270hp (instead of the production 220 hp).

The body kit consists of carbon fibre spoiler, side skirts, front wings, side wings and side gills. Topping all this off with Loder1899's paintable materials called Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (or FGRP) which blends flawlessly with the original S-Max's bodywork. Optionally you can choose to lower the S-Max by 35mm with a new suspension system.

All the available engines receive their own motor management update, the diesel's both end up with 15 hp more and the 2.5 liter turbo now reaches 270 hp thanks in part to the Loder1899 exhaust system. Besides allowing for 30 more horsepower, the stainless steel, 2x100mm tipped exhaust system adds some more bark to the SAV's bite.

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