Lexus will premier ultra-grippy LS 460 AWD at Moscow Motor Show, 26 August, hoping to tackle some of its competitors already offering AWD in this segment.

The Moscow International Motor Show is only a few days away, so we’d like to quickly introduce you to a significant debut for Lexus there on August 26 in the form of big luxury saloon LS 460 AWD. Premiering the LS 460 AWD in Moscow may not immediately ring any bells, but soon you realise two important things. One is that Russia, particularly Moscow, is very rapidly becoming one of the top car destinations in the world. Most of the top manufacturers are either already in business there or have advanced plans for entering.

Two, Russia is or rather can, be a cold place to be in, some say figuratively as well. Therefore Russian ice is a fact of life and we all know All Wheel Drive is the way to go when it comes to skating properly on the hard slippery stuff. Of course Lexus could have chosen Canada as well, yet somehow I don’t see quite the same effect. The car will feature an AWD system with a TORSEN Limited Slip Differential. It transfers drive torque between front and rear axle, but normal mode is 40:60 biased towards the rear. Competitors like Audi A8, Volkswagen Phaeton and Mercedes-Benz S-Class already offer some form of AWD in their models.

Gallery: Lexus LS 460 AWD to Debut at Moscow Motor Show