Ford has developed a Sound Symposer device which is capable of amplifying the sound produced by the engine and it can also channel it through a pipe to the dashboard panel of the Focus ST so it will be easily heard by the driver.

It triggers an electronically-controlled valve to open while under heavy acceleration and can almost double the volume level of the engine inside the cabin. This remains closed while the car is driven in normal conditions under a more moderate acceleration so the cabin remains quiet thanks to the sound proofing and engine refinement.

The system was created specifically for the 250 PS 2.0-liter EcoBoost Focus ST and according to Ford of Europe’s vehicle sound quality expert Bjoern Boettcher “if you take away the symposer you get close to zero engine noise in the cabin under acceleration – it’s that effective.”

Gallery: Ford develops Sound Symposer for amplifying engine sound in the Focus ST [video]

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