[Video contains adult language] Petter Solberg crashed his Ford Fiesta during Saturday's WRC Rally France.

Petter Solberg had a pretty difficult Saturday during the WRC Rallye de France after he lost control of his Ford Fiesta and went through a vineyard, only stopping after he collided with a telephone pole which had fallen over and almost hit some of the spectators. This happened on the first stage of the day and the footage was recorded not only by the on-board camera but also by helicopter as well as a few spectators.

Solberg and his co-pilot escaped from the accident without any injuries so it’s safe to laugh when hearing the navigator say “the road is over there.” The 37-year-old Norwegian driver said after the accident that the cause was because of the leaves on the windscreen which obstructed the view. Before the accident occurred, Solberg was in fourth place but he had to retire because of a broken steering arm.