Audi Canada and Slot Mods USA created a slot car track with scale A4s. It's been showcased at the Royal Bank Plaza in Toronto.

In a recent publicity stunt in Toronto’s Royal Bank Plaza, Audi’s Canadian division teamed up with Slot Mods USA for a handmade slot car track that comes complete with a bunch of scale A4s. For creating the cars, Slot Mods USA used an industrial laser scanner and created a digital outline of the car before sending it to a tridimensional printer where the body shells were made.

After that, Slot Mods USA got an AWD slot car chassis from another company, while to keep the A4s on the track special magnets were used. All of the cars were equipped with a tiny camera that can send video footage to an iPad via a Wi-Fi connection. The slot cars are controlled with the help of an application developed for the iPad.