Porsche Avenue will replace the proposed Ferdinand Porsche street name because of Porsche's connections with the Nazis.

Pretty soon Porsche Cars will start building its North American headquarters next to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The 26-acre complex is a $100 million investment and will include a racetrack, a green roof and a restaurant. Nothing out of the ordinary until you hear there’s a problem with the name of the street where the complex will be located.

At the same location there once stood a huge Ford factory which carried the street name Henry Ford II Avenue. Obviously, Porsche doesn’t want to keep this name so they proposed to local authorities to give a new name to that street. The only name considered was Ferdinand Porsche, the famous German engineer during WWII who just like many German business leaders of the time was involved with the Nazis, a fact that the automaker has fully acknowledged and atoned for over the years.

Due to the reason that Porsche was considered as being Hitler’s favorite engineer and also because he designed tanks during the WWII for the Nazis, the local authorities will simply call the street Porsche Avenue.

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