According to Wikipedia, steampunk is a genre that appeared during the 80s and “incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror and speculative fiction”. A Polish car customizer by the name of Carlex Design has decided to apply this theme to a MINI Countryman.

While the exterior of the car with its satin gray body, a stripe across the side level with the door handles and the copper BBS wheels might not be impressive, what’s inside the cabin is really interesting. As you can see, a lot of the trim pieces were completely redone, with the clocks, air vent covers and parts of the steering wheel featuring a copper-like look.

In the center of the steering wheel there are clock-like mechanical elements, while some are in fact covered by a thin sheet of copper that was hand-beaten to get the desired shape. The floors and the seatbacks are made from lacquered dark wood, while a big sound system sits in the back.

The project took nine months and it was done for a Polish chain of steampunk-themed restaurants and bars called Wodna Wieza.

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