Switzer Performance has announced one of their R1K-X GT-Rs has set a new quarter-mile record.

During testing at the Milan Dragway, the Ohio-based tuner was able to get the model to run down the strip in 9.42 seconds at 153.30 mph (246.71 km/h) - a new record for a gas-powered GT-R. A second R1K-X GT-R completed the quarter-mile in 8.99 seconds at 165.54 mph (266.41 km/h) using race gas.

As we have previously reported, the R1K-X features an upgraded VR38 engine with new cams, reinforced pistons and a MONSTER intercooler. There's also a Syvecs ECU, an upgraded cooling system and an SS90 exhaust. Thanks to these modifications, the R1K-X develops more than 1,250 hp (932 kW) at the wheels.

Switzer Performance R1K-X GT-R sets a new quarter-mile record