Lamborghini's CEO affirmed during the Paris Motor Show that the company doesn't plan on developing plug-in hybrid variants of the Aventador or the Gallardo.

The Lamborghini Aventador and Gallardo won’t be getting a plug-in hybrid variant option because of “the size of the cars and due to the weight of hybridization”, according to the company’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann. Instead, the 2013 Aventador will be fitted with two emissions-reducing systems (cylinder deactivation and stop/start) that were developed in-house by the Italian automaker specifically for the car.

By implementing these two systems to shave off CO2 emissions, Lamborghini aims to reduce the level of emissions by 35 percent within the next three years. The 2013 Aventador with these systems will have seven percent lower CO2 emissions.

For the moment, the Aventador is only available as a coupe but a roadster version is in the works while Winkelmann said that the company has ‘lots of plans” for the flagship model.

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