The Zonda 764 Passione has been showcased in Pagani's showroom, a car that could represent the last Zonda ever.

Exclusivist supercar maker Zonda has showcased the 764 Passione in the firm’s showroom, a car that could very well be the last Zonda ever made since the AMG engines are not available anymore. Wearing a grey carbon fiber finish with light grey tailpipes, the Passione has regular wheel arches, unlike the ones seen on the two previous 760 Zondas. It rides on a set of black wheels and comes with a purple-pink interior cabin.

It is powered by a V12 7.3-liter AMG M120 engine that develops 760 hp (566 kW), making it 20 hp (15 kW) more powerful than the Zonda R and 90 hp (67 kW) more than the Zonda Cinque. This power unit is connected to the same manual transmission as the one in the Zonda 760LH (Lewis Hamilton).

For the moment there aren’t any pricing details about this last Zonda.

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Gallery: Pagani Zonda 764 Passione revealed

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