BMW M5 passenger gets out of the car and notices a 911 with the keys in the ignition. Decides to take it for a "spin".

This is the perfect example of why we shouldn’t leave the keys in the ignition when we get out of the car. This video was recorded at a gas station where the owner of a yellow Porsche 911 left his car opened and with the keys in the ignition.

A few seconds after the video starts, we see a BMW M5 (E39) pulling next to the Porsche and then the passenger gets out and “inspects” that 911 for a few seconds, noticing that the keys are in the ignition. After that he enters the M5 for a brief period and then after noticing that nobody was looking (except for the camera) he jumps into the 911 and takes off.

Chances are that the owner of that 911 won’t get a cent from the insurance company since he left the keys in the car.