Ermini is planning a comeback at the end of 2013 with this RWD, rear-engined 686.

It’s been fifty years since Italian automaker Ermini launched a car, but the company promises a comeback at the end of 2013 with this new 686 model that might get a different name once the car is out. The Florentine-based firm is currently developing a rear-engined, all-wheel drive sports car that will get a refined suspension and a tubular space frame.

The Ermini 686 will get racing brakes, transmission and shock absorbers, while the styling of the body will be the result of a collaboration between Giulio Cappellini and Design Team Ermini. Expect an extensive use of carbon fiber for a low curb weight.

No details right now about the engine which will power the 686 but we can tell you that Ermini’s engineers have paid special attention to the vehicle’s consumption and pollution.