The new incantation of the Volkswagen Golf was spotted by our camera-ready spies in the Alps.

WorldCarFans has acquired several solid spy photos of the Volkswagen Golf VI being tested in the Alps.  Why would VW be prepping a new Golf just a few years after the release of the Golf V?

One belief is that customers do not feel the Golf V is worthy of its somewhat expensive price tag, leading to poor sales.  Sources close to VW say that lagging European sales of the 2007 Golf, combined with a lengthy manufacturing time, has left Volkswagen management with their lederhosen in a bunch.  In response, engineers are readying an upgraded version of the current platform, allowing for a streamlined assembly process at a lower cost.

To maintain a youthful interest in the car, Volkswagen is expected to design this car with a little more excitement and enthusiasm.  Although masked, the new Golf looks to be a bit more aggressive in the front, and somewhat more sloped in the back, giving it a little more sex appeal.  This new Golf also appears to have larger wheels than the 2007 model year, but that could be for a variety of reasons.

The current FSI petrol and TDI diesel engines are expected to be used on the next generation Golf, with more opportunities to use the supercharged and turbocharged TSI system.  Some are even speculating that the next GTI will tap into a 2.0-litre version of the TSI, boosted in size from 1.4 litres.

The belief is that Golf VI will reach European dealerships towards the end of 2008, while Americans are expected to have to wait a while longer.

And as you all know, in addition to the 3-door pictured here a 5-door version has been spied in California.

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