Renault has revealed the facelift for the Fluence which looks just about the same as the SM3.


At the end of last month Renault-Samsung released the facelift for the SM3 which gave us a clue of how the 2013 Fluence will look like. As most of you have expected, both cars look virtually the same, featuring a slightly more premium look and a Megane-inspired interior cabin.

The refreshed Fluence also gains new equipment, with some of the new goodies revealed in this rather uninspiring video. We don’t have any official details coming from the French automaker right now so the engine lineup is unknown. We can only speculate that it will be offered with the 1.5-liter dCi turbodiesel in various outputs, ranging from 85 hp (63 kW) to 110 hp (82 kW). Chances are that it will also be available with a new 1.2 TCE turbo gasoline unit. As the video shows, an automatic gearbox will be available.

Full details to arrive pretty soon.


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