The successful alliance between American icons Ford Motor Company and Harley-Davidson Motor Company rolls on with the launch the 2008 105th Anniversary Edition Ford Harley-Davidson F-Series Super Duty.

105 year journey

Ford and Harley Davidson have a few things in common, both produce vehicles, both were founded in 1903 and have been supplementing each other since 1999 with the Ford F-series Harley Davidson editions, selling over 60,000 units to date.

“This is a great opportunity for Ford and Harley-Davidson – two American icons – to celebrate 105 years of shared passion for the open road,” said Tom Aubrey, marketing manager, Ford F-Series Super Duty. The 2008 Ford Harley-Davidson F-Series Super Duty is the 11th model in the Harley – Ford alliance.

The 2008 Ford Harley-Davidson F-Series Super Duty is insprired on the 105th Anniversary Harley-Davidson motorcycle and its distinctive Vintage Copper paint.

Other special treats on the Super Duty include a special badge, fender vents, Chrome billet-style grille, unique headlamps, chrome exhaust, graphic treatments and unique 20 inch forged-aluminum wheels. There are two paint schemes, black monochromatic with a Vintage Copper stripe along the beltline, or a black and Vintage Copper two-tone paint scheme. The interior receives its own share of Vintage Copper, and is adorned with a unique instrument cluster.

“These trucks are pure customs – right from the factory,” said Pat Schiavone, design director, Ford trucks.

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