Tesla has introduced its own Supercharger network of solar energy charging stations.

Tesla Motors has made an important announcement this week, introducing its own Supercharger network of solar powered charging stations that are installed in California, Nevada and Arizona. Such a station is capable of providing almost 100 kilowatts of power, translating into approximately 150 miles of electric charge in just 30 minutes of charge. According to Tesla, this system can supply up to 120 kilowatts.

The Tesla Model S with the 85 kWh battery has the hardware necessary to utilize these new charging stations while the models with the smaller 60 kWh can be charged only with an optional kit. Tesla's solar technology generates more than enough energy needed for Model S owners and is capable of delivering the excess back into the national grid.

The company said that they plan on offering small charging stations that can be used at home. This Supercharger network will be expanded next year in the United States, followed by Europe and Asia in the second part of 2013.

Model S owners can recharge their batteries free of charge.

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