Polytechnic of Milan students and Madeindreams have created two Abarth 500-based roadster and speedster design exercises.


The students from the Polytechnic of Milan in collaboration with Madeindreams have created two prototypes of an Abarth 500-based roadster and speedster. The first one is a two-seater that comes with the regular windshield, a new look for the front and rear bumpers, a double canopy behind the headrests and bigger wheel arches.

As for the second one, this is a more radical approach to the Abarth 500 as it features small side windows and a cut-off windshield in typical speedster style, with everything else looking just about the same as its roadster counterpart.

Maybe this design exercise will give Fiat some ideas, at least about a roadster version since the speedster is a bit too radical to ever get a production version.


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