Dallas Performance installs a custom twin turbo system that increases output to 1,200 whp.

In an endless string of tuning programs for the aging Lamborghini Gallardo, we add another one from Dallas Performance this time. The owner of a 2004 Gallardo previously fitted his car with the Stage 1 package provided by DP, consisting of a twin turbo system for the stock engine that increased output to 650 whp (485 kW) with 93 octane fuel and more than 800 whp (597 kW) with E85 or VP C16 race fuel.

The owner decided that he wanted a bit more oomph from his Gallardo and asked Dallas Performance to install the Stage 2 package that brings a different twin turbo system with forged engine internals. As a result, the power rose to an impressive 1,200 whp (895 kW).

This power boost costs $64,900 for the Gallardos manufactured between 2004 and 2008, while for the ones made starting with 2009 it costs $67,900.

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